Monday, December 22nd, 2008

I begin my next round of chemotherapy today. I have healed quickly, and although I was expecting a longer break, Dr. Chugh wants to waste no time. The way this cycle will work is that I will have my treatment today, and keep the pump with me until Christmas Eve. I will need to be disconnected at home and I am devastated. I wanted to be able to celebrate my favorite holiday as normally as possible. Ryan and I decide not to decorate anything this year, but I miss my ornaments so much that he brings our tree over to my parents and sets it up in the formal living room. I love to look at it and remember how happy I usually am around the holidays.
I have not been eating well or drinking enough fluids since my surgery but I do not get any more ill until the day after Christmas. My parents bought one present this year for both Ryan and me: Guitar Hero World Tour. We are both excited to play it, and are terribly disappointed to learn that my brothers’ XBOX has broken yesterday. They have had it for a couple years with no problems so I am bitter about the whole thing.
Ryan and I devise a plan to return all the bottles and cans from my parents’ garage as well as turn our change in to the Coinstar machine. Ryan throws in a giftcard that we had been given and we end up only having to pay eight dollars for a brand new XBOX. Unfortunately, everywhere in the world is closed on Christmas Day, so we have to wait. The next morning Ryan goes out and purchases our first gaming system. Sadly, by this time I am feeling the full effects of chemotherapy, even worse than usual. I have been throwing up about every forty-five minutes. I lay in bed, too nauseas to lift my head, listening to Peter and Ryan rock out in the living room. After a few hours of this my mom comes home from work and insists that I go into ER to receive antiemetics intravenously, since I am unable to keep them down orally.