Sunday, August 16th, 2009

To keep up my new routine of taking the good with some bad, I had two big events happen recently. The good news is that I had my three month scan on August 3rd, and on August 10th, I met with my oncologist. I got the results of my scan- ALL CLEAR- which is something to celebrate for sure! I will have to continue to go back every three months and hopefully my entries into this blog will get boring and predictable and that is all I will ever have to report.

Right now, everything with my health looks great and Dr. Chugh cleared me to go back to work. Unfortunately, the bad news is that I don't exactly have a job to go back to. Due to financial difficulties and enrollment changes, my position teaching preschool is no longer available to me. My boss is going to try to work something out so that she can offer me some hours in the daycare part of the center, but like the rest of the childcare facilities in Michigan, nothing is certain. I will probably end up having to pick up hours here and there all over the place, at a couple different part-time jobs, if I am lucky. This will not be an easy transition back to the work force, which already would have been hard after over a year's abscence with a different immune system, energy level and haircut!

I am so disappointed because some of the siblings of my former students would now be enrolled and I was looking forward to having them in class, as well as working with my fantastic assistant teacher, Marge, and coming back to rejoin the staff that was so incredibly supportive to me during my time of need. As has become my new habit, I am going to have to tough it out and stay positive. A lot of people are giving me leads and I am sure whatever happens will be for the best!