Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009

Breslin is born today. I am very happy to welcome her to the world. I am released form the hospital just time to drive out to see the Scott family. She is beautiful and perfect, and raises my spirits when I hold her.
Sunday I began running a fever and ended up being hospitalized. The doctors were not able to locate my infection, I was put on a broad spectrum antibiotic, but was not responsive. My fever continued to rise, and my blood pressure continued to drop. I received bolus after bolus, getting fluids into my body as fast as they could. The nurse feared I was going into sepsis and may lose organ function. It was frightening. I felt fine, but the doctors were very worried. They took my BP more than once an hour and had the ICU doctors come in to watch me in the middle of the night. My nurse asked me to try not to sleep because he was afraid I may not wake up. That sent a chill through me; I had never been able to tell how concerned the medical staff was about my survival before now. Finally my fever broke and my BP stabilized.