Friday, January 9th, 2009

The New Year has come, and I felt even more nostalgic than usual ringing it in. I was unable to celebrate with Beth and Jason as I usually do, and this made me pretty sad. Instead I spent a quiet night at home which I hadn’t done since middle school.
I have a MUGGA scan today, to look at my heart. My oncologist needs to make sure the amount of Adriamyacin, also known as Doxorubicin (or the Red Devil,) has not caused too much damage. The test is an easy one, but one strange thing they do is draw my blood, mix it with an isotope and then reinject it. I have never seen that yet. When we get the results, my heart is fine, but I have had the maximum dose, so I will have a different type of chemo on January 12th, when I begin my next round.

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