Sunday, November 9th, 2008

Today is the baptism of Jackson William Mann. The fall is passing by, and along with lots of bad there is some good. Sam and her son Jackson came to see us on Halloween and stayed until the beginning of November. Jackson was born in August, when I was still so ill that I barely knew what was going on around me. I had only seen pictures of him on text messages, facebook, and email. This was the first chance I had to hug and kiss my godson. Sam is able to schedule his baptism at my church, St. Matthew in Walled Lake. Before she left Michigan Sam attended there for about ten years. My mom arranged for Pastor Paul to perform the ceremony, which meant a lot to us.
After the baptism, Beth is having her baby shower for her first born, Breslin Megan Scott. It is wonderful to have all three of us together again, and spending time with Jackson is a joy. He makes me truly happy for the first time in a long time. Sam made this trip now so that she could see me while I am on a break from chemo, so I would be healthy enough to go out and do things with the girls. She wanted to come closer to my surgery date, which has been scheduled for November 17th. After thinking about we decided it would be better this way. I have stopped chemo until a little while after my surgery, so that my body will be strong enough to sustain the intense operation and heal afterwards.

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